Introduction to Shared Services Canada Information Technology Transformation Plan

Building the Government of Canada’s Digital Platform provides an overview of Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) plan for continuing the modernization of the Government of Canada’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. This includes the email, data centres, telecommunications, network and IT security services that underpin federal operations and support the delivery of government services to Canadians.

SSC is updating the IT Transformation Plan to ensure the infrastructure that supports government data, email and telecommunications networks meet the requirement of operations today and the increased demands of digital service delivery in the future. This document provides an overview of the IT Transformation Plan and poses questions on what an updated plan should include and what it should deliver. We are seeking your feedback.

SSC’s IT Transformation Plan is the infrastructure component of the IT priorities for the Government of Canada under the IT Strategic Plan. Government IT priorities, including departmental IT plans,  the Cloud Adoption Strategy, and the consultations leading to an updated Cyber Security Strategy all fit together.

Graphic dipiction of Government of Canada priorities inform Enterprise IT priorities and departmental IT priorities.

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What is the IT Transformation Plan?

SSC’s IT Transformation Plan is the roadmap to modernize the Government of Canada’s IT infrastructure and delivery of IT services. SSC delivers email, data centre, network and workplace technology device services to departments and agencies in a consolidated and standardized manner to support the delivery of Government of Canada programs and services. With a whole‑of‑government approach to IT infrastructure services, SSC is generating economies of scale to deliver more efficient, reliable and secure IT infrastructure services.

Why are we seeking your views?

SSC's IT transformation agenda was first established in 2013, and SSC has since made progress in realizing its ambitious vision. The government context and the technology landscape have evolved substantially since 2013 as information technology systems and processes require continual refresh and evolution. While the benefits of an enterprise approach remain clear, SSC must update its plan to ensure success in meeting near and long term government priorities. 

SSC is seeking feedback on its IT service delivery and transformation goals and updated plans by reaching out to:

  • SSC employees
  • Other Government of Canada employees
  • Industry, especially companies in the information and communications technology field
  • Canadians with an interest in IT and large modernization projects

SSC will review all input. A variety of perspectives will assist the department in its efforts to renew the Transformation Plan. SSC will post online a summary of the feedback received in a “What We Heard” document in November, 2016.

The consultation report will also be provided to the Independent Review Panel. This panel is reviewing the SSC IT Transformation Plan to ensure IT consolidation initiatives are managed in a way that allows departments and agencies to deliver programs and services to Canadians effectively, efficiently and securely.